Countryside Livin’ for Life

You haven’t seen me much on the interwebs lately because I’ve been mostly hanging out with the family and in the coutryside. I’m doing a less than 24 hour pitstop in the city, watering my plants, going to the dentist and picking up some relatives from the train station, then it’s back to the countryside for a few more days. I haven’t really been taking pictures either, I’m only traveling with the small Fujifilm because I’m tired of lugging around 10 kilos of stuff for every few day trip between the city and the countryside.
Here is a little snippet of countryside life. My mom is a kayaking enthusiast and I went to drop her off at one little port and then pick her up a few hours later on another. It was an exhilarating thing for me because I was forced to drive the old Volvo 240 with a manual choke, no power steering and only four gears. It was like driving a freaking truck, but I think I did pretty well, no hiccups with the engine, I’m a natural.


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