Revolutionary new cancer treatment shows amazing results

They say that nearly every American over 40 years old has some detectable form of cancer in them.  For a lot of people, a cancer diagnosis may seem like a death sentence, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
I’m 39 so I was recently looking into this, and I stumbled across some interesting news.  I found out that the reason why most cancer medications are so expensive is because the pharmaceutical companies have to spend a lot on research and development so that they can patent their medications.
Without a patent it’s harder for them to make a profit and impress their stock holders.  It’s all about the money.  But just because a medication is expensive doesn’t automatically mean that it works better than less expensive medications.
An interesting new approach by the community has been to find cheap medications that fight cancer but that weren’t necessarily developed as cancer fighting drugs.  Researchers at Johns Hopkins made a breakthrough discovery when they found that Mebendazole (a very inexpensive medication designed to fight parasitic infections) had been preventing tumour growth in lab mice.
Care Oncology Clinic (originally from London, and now available in the USA) found a few more inexpensive medications that weren’t designed to fight cancer but fight it anyway, and they patented a drug-cocktail from them.  And so far the results they’ve found are amazing.
According to Care Oncology Clinic’s website, their treatment is for all types of cancer.  They’ve even been able to double the survivability from Glioblastoma (one of the worst types of cancer).  I don’t normally give out phone numbers, but this time it could be important.  So here is the phone number for Care Oncology Clinic in the United States: 1-800-392-1353.  If their lines are busy keep trying, you can also use their website to schedule a time for them to call you.
This is not a commercial, I just wanted to share something that may save lives.


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