Struggle of Achieving Goals

All of us are trying to grow in our world. There are times when we stuck at a point and it seems like you are hitting a wall as no result is coming out. Though you try different approaches, techniques or methods nothing changes. This makes you frustrated as you see others growing by many folds. You think that you are the stupid fellow who is unable to absorb the info and apply the knowledge. What should we do in such circumstances?

One should always seek an opinion from the people who are doing best in a particular field, as I did the same. I am not saying that I was able to find the solution in a day but this has given me hope, new idea, new approach to tackle the problem and the secret formula of nature is patience. So one should keep trying with patience and keep seeking the advice of the experienced ones.

We love to achieve our goals and this gives us positivity when we achieve our target. On the other side, it is pretty hard to stay positive while you are struggling to achieve your targets. Discipline is the one key that is going to unlock the success for you. This is how many have been doing and you are going to do to if you are going to follow the principle of discipline. One must set a path, a road map so that he/she knows where they want to go and how they are going to achieve it. As well said by Jim Rohn;


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