Promoting Freelancing

What I have so far is the result of freelancing. I have never imagined how much one can make through freelancing. Here I am not saying that making money is so easy but I am saying that there is an opportunity to earn if you are ready to face the competition.
Some of the youngsters, from my family, saw me doing this, ask me how I am doing this and what they should do to start this. I guided them and yesterday I met two of them after a year. I was happy to know that they are earning 500 USD per month minimum and they are too happy to be a freelancer. Though this is not an easy job yes there is scope.
I get the motivation from them as I am not bidding on any freelance market from last 4 years. I am working with my old clients and making a good fortune. But I realized after yesterday’s meeting that I should keep digging more new clients and I have lost a lot of client in the last two years. This has directly affected my income, but I am living a free life and enjoying this way of earning.
Anyhow the main purpose of this post was that you should share your learning so that other people can take benefit of your knowledge and upgrade their lives. I am still learning and applying, failing and succeeding but I am on track. But motivational stories are good for my soul as I feel energetic and uplifted.


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